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Visiting bishop from India offers message of hope

by on November 27, 2019

This past Sunday, our parish was blessed with a special message from Bishop Reuben Mark of the Diocese of Karimnagar in south central India. 

Bishop Mark challenged us, telling us that "God has a word of hope for us."

He told us how as a young boy he was bed stricken in the hospital with a mysterious illness. Doctors misdiagnosed him. He said his own family abandoned him and gave up hope.

"I was an unwanted child," he said. "Friends, the Lord rescued me when the whole world gave me up for death. I was lost but the Good Lord rescued me."

His message offers hope that no matter how bad things are God is always there to rescue us. Will you let him rescue you?

Bishop Mark oversees 300 congregations. He was elected bishop in 2015. Before his calling as Bishop, he taught practical ministry and homiletics at Andhra Christian Theological College Secunderabad which along with Hyderbad forms the fifth largest metropolis in India. 

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