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Fear into Faith

by Bill Stanford on March 17, 2020

Government can only do so much, particularly in a situation like  this. Really, it gets down to personal responsibility. There's no way  I can legislate or anyone can legislate for you personal  responsibility or looking out for the community.

We need to turn our  fear into faith, faith in a Higher Power, and faith in the science.  These guidelines are the science. Secondarily, we've got to turn from  selfishness to sacrifice. You may feel like you want to get together  with your friends, but the life you save may be the life of your Nana,  or your friend's Nana."

Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins' words concerning new, stricter controls on restaurants,  bars, and other venues as well as personal conduct are a reminder of  who we are at our best. The Apostle Paul adopted a Greek word meaning  one's own conscience and used it in the sense of exercising conscience  with sensitivity to others. We are at our best when we consider our  actions as they affect those around us.

Missing all of you and thinking of you.

Yours in Christ,

Fr. Bill+

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