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Education for Ministry offers a way to grow in knowledge of Christian faith

Education for Ministry offers a way to grow in knowledge of Christian faith

by Tanya Eiserer on November 25, 2019

If you’re hungry to grow in your knowledge of our faith, consider the Education for Ministry program. Jim Lott, a member of our parish, just completed the four-year program.

 Marti Fagley, who helps the lead the class, told us how she saw Jim grow:

"When Jim first joined EfM, he entered thinking this might be just another Bible Study and I wasn't sure he would stay with us. However, he did and his contributions to our group discussions have been open, enlightened and thought provoking.  His experiences, insights and willingness to engage have added immeasurably to our discussions and theological reflections."

Jim told us what EfM meant for him:

"EfM is a rewarding experience because of the give and take of the discussions each week,  Each year begins with a ‘spiritual auto-biography’  in which every person in the group gives a brief description of themselves, with as many details as they wish, to disclose about how they have become the person that they are. 

You get to know everyone in the group really well and get to be inspired by their successes and commiserate with them about their troubles.  The two hours fly by each week because the people and the material are so interesting and inspiring.  I think our church would be really different if every member was able to participate in EfM, because every member's understanding of what they believe and their enthusiasm, would be greatly enhanced by these classes.”

 So what is EfM?

 Education for Ministry is an adult formation class. Participants study the Old Testament the first year, the New Testament the second year, church history the third and theological perspectives the fourth year.

 The EfM groups meet 34 weeks out of each year, once a week for 2 hours, under the guidance of trained mentors, Marti Fagley and Kimberly Kingsbury. Class size is limited to 6 to 10 people. The cost of this sponsored program is $375 per year (scholarships are available). The program is administered by the School of Theology at University of the South in Sewanee, Tenn., an Episcopalian institution

 The next EfM program begins Jan. 14. For more information contact, or .


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