The Christopher


    Expressions of Thanks
    07.24.19 | The Christopher | by Jeanneane Keene

      This week I was the recipient of many expressions of kindness from  the  people of this church in response to the  loss of my daughter-in-law, Jackie Cline.  This included the provision of  the Celebration of...

      Stewardship: Who are we?
      07.24.19 | The Christopher

      We are children of God, disciples of Jesus Christ who feel called to a ministry of transformation through stewardship.  We are sojourners who, along with many others, have some sense that it is through an understanding of holistic...

        Senior Warden Musings
        07.05.19 | The Christopher | by Jeanneane Keene

        New month with newly completed church renovations!  Hurrah! Lots of time and hard work by many people being led by Krista Scott, Junior Warden.  The first service in our “new digs” was a Celebration of Life for Angela Olsen...

          This Little Light of Mine
          07.05.19 | The Christopher

          Dear ChristopherFolk,  Back when we studied the Mark’s gospel in Thursday Bible study, we had an interesting realization. While talking about Jesus’ healing of a blind man, it became clear to us that a good thing like healing...

            Taize Service
            07.05.19 | The Christopher

            Our next Taize service of music and meditation will be Sunday, July 28 at 6 p.m.  “By sending the Holy Spirit, and through his presence in the church, the Son, in unity with the Father, actualizes the power of his passion and...

              Stewardship is……Walking in love
              07.05.19 | The Christopher

              “Walk in love, as Christ has loved us and gave himself to us, a fragrant offering and perfect sacrifice to God.”  (Ephesians 5:2)  What does it mean to you to “walk in love?”  Jesus began perhaps the most...