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    St. Christopher's AED Program
    01.31.20 | The Christopher

    St. Christopher's AED Program After many months of research, meetings and phone calls, the Medical Saints will launch St. Christopher's AED (Automatic External Defibrillator) Program in March of this year. Dr. David Skelton from Stephenville has...

      Senior Warden Musings February
      01.31.20 | The Christopher | by Jeanneane Keene

      We just completed celebrations of Christmas, New Year's, Epiphany and Martin Luther, Jr Day (MLK) and Ash Wednesday will be here in five weeks! Three people from St Christopher (that I saw, Jackie Meeks, Emily Williams) participated in the MLK...

        A Not Well Known Cause of Hip Pain and Sciatica
        11.26.19 | The Christopher

        Several years ago, I experienced several months of progressive pain in my right hip. The pain radiated through my buttocks and down the back of my right thigh. It seemed to be worse when I drove around in my small car. My six month visit with my...

          Senior Warden Musings - December
          11.26.19 | The Christopher | by Jeanneane Keene

          Following November and the Thanksgiving celebrations it is almost time for Christmas activities. On December 1st we begin the four weeks of Advent, a time of prayerful expectations for the birth of the Christ child along with the chaos of...

            Sleep Is Not A Four Letter Word
            11.06.19 | Articles

            Sleep is Not a Four-Letter Word! I would venture to say that most Americans look upon rest or sleep as a negative commodity, a necessary evil. When people get busy, sleep is usually the first thing that is sacrificed. If you’ve ever...

              Christian Community Assistance Holiday Baskets
              11.06.19 | Articles

              St. Christopher's is again delighted to host CCA's Thanksgiving Basket collection and distribution. We will bless the baskets that we collect on Sunday, November 24.  Delivery of baskets to St. Christopher from other CCA supporting churches...