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Laundry Love Fort Worth

St. Christopher’s Laundry Love outreach ministry shows the love of Christ one quarter at a time to the less fortunate.

Members of the church started the ministry in 2017. They realized that for many paying to clean their clothes may pose a huge financial burden.

At the First Laundry Love event, the ministry paid for about 30 loads of laundry. Now, the ministry pays for hundreds of loads each month.

It has become a true outreach event. Besides help with laundry, the ministry provide food, fellowship and a Kids Club area.

The event is held on the third Saturday of each month at Super Coin Laundry in Fort Worth.

If you’d like to volunteer, please contact . To help out financially, donate here.

For more information this ministry, check out



One of the most-well known miracles of the Bible is Jesus’ healing of the leper. A man approaches Jesus and says, “Lord, if you are willing, you can make me clean?” Jesus touches the man and the man is cured of his leprosy.

In India, lepers are shunned and kept clustered in remote colonies. They survive mostly by begging.

Hopewallah -- meaning “one who provides hope” -- seeks to be a modern-day miracle for the leper colonies of Hyderabad.

St. Christopher’s parishioner Dr. Andy Babbali leads an annual medical mission. In doing so, Andy follows the example of his late father, Prabhudass Babbili, who served as Bishop of the Karimnagar Diocese of the Church of South India.
During his lifetime, Andy’s father would walk or bicycle to spread the Gospel to the area’s remote leper colonies. He raised funds to build a small church, permanent housing, shelters, a nursery school and a medical clinic.

The nonprofit, founded in 2007, continues his father’s legacy. It supports a small church, kindergarten, primary school and a lunch program.  Andy wants to eventually build a modern clinic and hospital and to employ a permanent medical staff.

Hopewallah holds an annual charity fundraiser at St. Christopher’s to raise money to help carry out its life-saving work. For more about how you can help, click here,

Christian Community Assistance

St. Christopher’s has been a faithful and strong supporter of CCA for many years. CCA provides food, clothing, and other services for people living in poverty in Fort Worth. CCA operates a food pantry and a clothing closet and provides limited financial aid. Parishioners generously donate clothing, bring in pantry items and other household essentials and provide individual monetary donations.  The church budgets a regular monthly contribution, which is used to purchase food at Tarrant Area Food Bank.  Parishioners also volunteer at CCA, and one of the 13 partner congregations, St. Christopher’s has a representative on the CCA Board of Directors.  Volunteer opportunities include food pantry workers, clothing closet helpers, intake interviewers, receptionists. Volunteers are always welcome for whatever time they can give. One of our parishioners, Carolyn Law, currently serves as CCA’s board president. For more information about how you can help, please contact her at or check out CCA’s website,


Each month, volunteers from St. Christopher’s prepare and deliver 60 sack lunches to the Fort Worth Parole Office.  These lunches are provided to newly returned men and women, who have been released from incarceration and are re-integrating into the community.  As part of re-orienting to the community, they are required to attend an all-day orientation class within a week of their return.  Sack lunches are provided to the attendees by St. Christopher’s and other churches in the area.  The classes we support are on the third Monday of each month, and the third Tuesday of each month.  Individual parishioners participate by volunteering to make sandwiches to go in the lunches, and the church provides the remaining lunch items—chips, cookies, etc.—along with a note of encouragement in each bag indicating our support and prayers for their success.  Sign-up sheets are available on the Parish Hall Bulletin Board for parishioners who would like to participate.