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    April 27, 2020 | The Christopher by Valerie Perkins

    Dear St. Christopher Family,

    How are you? I hope you are staying home and staying well! As you probably know, all schools in Texas are closed due to COVID-19. St. Christopher Preschool has been closed since March 9, when we left for Spring Break. We are all very sad this is how our school year is ending. We miss our children and I know the children miss each other. However, we are doing our best to make the most of these times. Thankfully, technology helps us stay in touch. The teachers have used Zoom to have face to face talks with their classes on the computer. We do this about every other week. In the next few weeks, the teachers will all also mail a notecard to their classes and make personal phone calls to check on all the families. The teachers have been sending me their weekly themes, letters, colors, and shapes so that I can email parents daily activities to do at home. For the parents that have chosen to participate, their children have continued to memorize bible verses, hear Bible stories, and play games to get their bodies moving and brains working. Activities have included fine motor skill exercises like cutting, coloring, gluing, and painting. Children have been hunting objects around their houses of specific colors and identifying beginning letter sounds. They have been using lunch time and snack time to listen to syllables in words. They have been counting. Last week we spent a whole week working on recognizing the letters in our first names (or last names for those who already have the first name mastered). This week we are using our hands, feet, hearts, and minds to be like Jesus, as well as working on phonological awareness through rhyming. In the last few weeks of school we will encourage parents to work on letter/name writing through a wide variety of fun activities. We will encourage reading books with some suggested book reading activities. We’ll also have a lot of fun exploring zoo animals. Parents have emailed me telling me how much fun they are having with our activities at home. The teachers and I are hoping to have some sort of drive by parade toward the end of May when we would normally be ending our school year. We would also love to come back together toward the end of summer, if it becomes safe to do so, with perhaps a week long summer camp to give the children some closure before promoting to new classrooms in the fall. 

    Hope to See You All Soon!

    Mrs. Perkins
    St. Christopher Preschool Director

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