Senior Warden Musings - May

    April 27, 2020 | The Christopher by Marti Fagley

    Dear St. Christopher Family,

    We are well into our quarantine and life has changed a lot for all of us. At our house Walt is working from home and our grandchildren are homeschooling as well. I’m grateful to have a houseful during this time and think of those of you who are sitting out our new normal in isolation. I’m also very grateful for the worship services provided through our social media outlets by Fr. Bill and Fr. Barnett. They keep us focused on what is important in our lives and keep us connected. Tanya Eiserer and Lauren Smith have done an outstanding job in setting up our lines of video communication to make our services possible. We never expected to be doing this so soon and so well. You have received calls from the Vestry members during these past weeks as we call everyone in our directory to check on them and to visit with you. I’ve been able to visit with some of you I might only have passed the peace with at church, so that’s been a real benefit for me. As Texas begins to open up, please continue to be careful and judicious about your activities. To our knowledge, so far, no one in our church family has been diagnosed with COVID-19. I pray it stays that way. Our Vestry continues to have our monthly meetings and we do check-ins once a week. St. Christopher still has some regular maintenance issues and a couple of surprises that our Jr. Wardens are handling diligently. The business of the church carries on, and we are dedicated to continue our ministries as servants of St. Christopher as you will read in this bulletin. As you are able, please continue to support our various ministries that are highlighted in other articles and our parish financially. Although we may not be as busy as we once were inside the church, we are still the church, loving, serving and paying bills just as you are. Stay well. Stay safe. Contact us if you need assistance. Family takes care of each other. May this be a time of healing for you and for our Earth as well as a time of reflection and peace. May God bless and protect us all. 

    Your servant in Christ, Marti Fagley, Sr. Warden.

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