Feed Your Faith, Not Fear

    April 27, 2020 | The Christopher by Andy Babbili

    The world is transforming each hour due to a rapidly spreading COVID-19 (aka SARS COV-2). HIS word and church constantly remind us that our lives are in HIS hands and we are always called to be CALM and confident in the midst of a frightening chaotic world. I want to abstain from mentioning the latest rapidly changing statistical data and news, because this novel COVID-19 is brand new and barely studied compared to the coronaviruses we have been exposed to in the past: SARS-COV, MARS -COV. There is no current antiviral medication or immunovaccine available for treatment.

    Dr. Mark Pasnaki of Univ. of Tenn. Medical Center recently classified COVID-19 infection as 81% mild, 14% severe, and 5% critical. Incubation of this virus in human body is 2-14 days (mean 5/days). Each infected person is predicted to transmit to 1.3 persons (1.9 to 3.25 range). He went on to assure that mortality will be very low if more testing is performed to identify high vs. less severe cases. Both children and adults are more susceptible.

    Dr Anthony Fusci, a world-renowned virologist, currently serves on the White House Prevention Task Force. He predicts this pandemic is going to get worse and may last for months, extending beyond Fall 2020.

    In North Texas, as of April 22nd, we have 5869 confirmed persons, with 1114 recoveries and 160 deaths. More testing is available now. The majority of the people inflicted with this infection will recover, approximately 85%. We have already implemented good preventive measures and are well prepared to face this pandemic gallantly.

    We are all urged to continue to practice physical social distancing and avoid gathering, indulge in thorough soap and water hand washing for not less than 20 seconds, use hand sanitizer, block cough and sneezing on arm fabric, not to touch face or eyes frequently, avoid contaminated surfaces and wear mask and gloves frequently, and work from home with employer permission to minimize self-infection and transmission.

    Remember none of us are immune and there are a lot of non-symptomatic or pre-symptomatic carriers. Take precaution and please keep praying for family, friends, and neighbors.

    For more up to date information guidelines and suggestions kindly reach out to cdc.org

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